Films, Visions and Dreams

The non-fiction book FILMS, VISIONS AND DREAMS was the first book I wrote. It was conceived to bring together everything I knew about filmmaking at the time and this knowledge was gained in various ways. Through direct experience working on a a student video project as an editor using U-Matic tape at university I learned something of pacing and puting images to music. Immediately after graduating I helped in many ways on a short 16mm project being made independently by a BBC Director, this was an eye opener for the realities of professional film production. Using my own Super 8 camera I found a way to edit in-camera and document as well as create story.

Finally at film school in Vancouver, I wrote short scripts, storyboarded, directed, and was a key grip, gaffer and locations manager. Along with all the theory I learned during that year I felt I had a lot of information to share about the world of filmmaking, especially for short drama, In addition I had been taking method acting classes independently of VFS and this experience was vital in learning how to direct actors.

The book, published as a paperback is aimed directly at film school students but of course the main problem with such a project is marketing it to successfully reach its intended audienced. As a result it is now out of print. However, it can still be obtained as an eBook, entitled VISIONS IN FILM by clicking here.