If studying to be filmmakers is the coolest thing one can do  then these two bozos are the self appointed kings of cool.  With their sights set on the assumed reality of being the next big players in the film game it's easy for their vanity to get the better of them.  Up steps Cameron, a local who can see them for who they really are; a rich kid and a con man.  He takes them away from the rarefied and marajuana filled atmosphere of their imaginary film microcosm, where they feel destined to succeed, and introduces them to the great outdoors. Here their limitations and flawed characters are exposed and they have to face each other and the truth of their reality.

The story of this screenplay is based very directly on my experiences at The Vancouver Film School in 1995, I wrote it in 2003, so there was some emotional distance between me and the subject matter by then so that I was able to see the comedy I hadn't been able to see at the time. This was in fact one reason for writing it. The style, content and even the delivery of the dialogue was still clear in my memory at the time of writing and although most if not all the scenes are based on real occurences there has of course been dramatisation, most particularly the end, which simply never happened.

Status : Complete

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