Discharged from the army on psychiatric grounds Ryan takes the narrow boat left to him by a friend on a search for inner peace. Encountering Charlie, a young hippy woman who is herself quite literally jumping ship, Ryan’s quest is in equal measures both heightened and confused. If love between them is to flourish he must come to terms with his demons and furthermore accept the help Charlie is able to offer, however curious in nature.

Writing in collaboration with Steve Martin was both fun and very productive. Collaboration in screenwriting is not uncommon, in fact I believe it be a perfect format in which to bounce ideas around and evolve them over time. Steve and I met very regulary, drank a lot of coffee and had 'soup and a sandwich' for lunch every day. Many hours passed and stories grew, changing sometimes radically and in other more nuanced ways.

It helped that we used to work in a Video Store (there used to be these places you would go to with a friend to hire a Very High Standard (VHS) magnetic tape cartridge onto which had been recorded a motion picture film, you could then play this tape at home on your television set. They were called Videos) Steve and I would spend every Saturday afternoon and evening watching tapes in the store and renting them out to folks and we developed a fairly developed cinematic language.

Status : Complete

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