Infra Red Farnham

The images here were made at locations in Farnham, Surrey.  I've lived in Farnham for thirty-three years, since the age of sixteen. I have lived in my current house for twenty-two years but am soon to be moving to Chichester. Farnham has been a wonderful place to live with many friends made over time and it's a beautiful town that has so much to offer. I worked for the local paper, The Farnham Herald, for the best part of a year which allowed me to see through the lens all aspects of local life and to capture it in a way suitable for a mass audience.

A few years ago I found a way to photograph some of the locations here of most interest to me. Knowing every crack in every pavement can create feelings of overfamiliarity and one stops looking with a curious eye but I know of several people who find this town and the surrounding area to be of great visual interest, looking at it with a camera. Something unreal yet beautiful is the way I see these photos of this town,

The camera used is a modified Nikon D70s.

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