Cameras used : Olympus Trip 35, Pentax ME Super, Contax RTS II, Bolex Super8, Nikon D70, Canon 5D Mkii. Pentax Q, Nikon FM, Nikon D610, Nikon D70s (I.R.)

Now I'm using a Nikon FM and a Nikon D610 with 24mm. 50mm and 85mm manual AI lenses. Lightroom to edit, music to sooth the soul and a new journey where home is within and creativity follows the muse wherever it is she might wish to lead.

With various elements of my history most definitely consigned to the past the present is now all about looking ahead to the future, a place that can be both a place of mystery and one where it's sometimes possible to meditate on beauty. Photography is a wonderful way to explore and integrate with new places, wherever you find yourself. However, I have also learned that it's imperative to be able to put a camera down, to live and observe without it. The very act of using a camera changes ones experience, and that of those around you and this becomes especially clear when you travel. To feel at one with an environment often means to give oneself up to it completely and to forget the need to record it at all. Many new memories are made this way.

Currently I'm concentrating more on the writing of fiction and this is my plan for the future. However, photography has always been a part of my life and I'm sure it always will be, in one form or another.