New Work



Brett Walpole

Ideas for new work

#1. To create a series of 'tableau' images with a feeling of freedom and mystery, existing somewhere inbetween documentary and the purely imagined.  Using 'mise en scene' methods from Cinematography the idea is to create a 'privileged perspective' which  appears as one 'freeze-frame' moment  from a bigger story.

#2. Abstract photographs of 'state of the art' industrial equipment used in the scientific research and development industry.  The aim is to show the strange aesthetic of highly engineered and functionally designed current technology that is usually hidden from the view of everyday people.

#3.  Documenting a process of the manufacture of commonly used items.  An example would be the entire journey involved in the creation of a car tyre, from rubber plantatation to the fitting of the finished product to a vehicle's wheel.

#4. Double exposure photographs where the two superimposed images suggest a number of possibilities for a third idea or concept in the mind of the viewer.  Thesis, Antithesis and Synthesis.