Brett Walpole


One Hundred years from now synthetic humans have been perfected and enjoy the same rights as their human creators.  Ty Jones is a highly respected neural network software engineer but has just been convicted and jailed for the cyber crime murder of his android girlfriend.  He knows he has been set up and through good fortune his synthetic cellmate Kyle Meeks begins to learn the truth too.  They plan to escape and doing so set off across the country to retrieve the singular piece of data that can prove his innocence. They journey through peoples of varying technological advancement which enables them to see up close to what state humanity has arrived.  Travelling with a naive, natural girl they are on the run, under pressure and in need of that vital spark which defines the human soul.

Feature length screenplay in progress.

It's a prison breakout, buddy buddy road trip, crime thriller, legal whodunit, romantic comedy with androids.

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