Brett Walpole


These are six fictional books representing two areas of interest in my writing.

Science Fiction as a way of exploring ideas within a framework of a story can have a fantastical element yet be born from a genuine interest in current scientific research and development. The way the human spirit can adapt and grow in such stories brings into focus the challenges facing humanity in our very real lives today.

Contemporary Fiction showing regular people moving through changing times is a natural way to reimagine life's defining moments.  Fusing  actual experiences and situations with invented characters creates heightened environments where ideas emerging from those personal times find room for expansion.

The three novels shown below have just been self published as paperbacks through Amazon Kindle Direct and are available to buy.  Just follow the link on the appropriate page. This completes part of a journey begun some time ago as I feel the style and quality of the stories within and the paperbacks themselves are of a sufficiently high standard to put my name to.  They are made to be read, so please do enjoy!