Alone Among Equals

EZEE is an advanced synthetic human... but he’s isolated, flawed and incomplete.

Somewhere near the end of the 21st century he walks through the edgy streets of Hong Kong, alone with his troubled thoughts. He struggles to survive, knowing he’s neither completely human nor fully Synth. Who was he? Who is he?

Living in the moment, his mission is to rebuild his memory. Flashbacks of an ancient monk, and a monastery lost in time, are all he has to discover his origins and the nature of his soul.

Helped by a beautiful Synth woman called Viola, they work with other Synths in an underground organisation, and they dare to dream… 

Someone may be able to help. Looking down from low Earth orbit is an astronaut who feels a very special affinity with EZEE. Can he improve the life of his brother who seems destined to travel such a challenging path?

ALONE AMONG EQUALS is the polarised vision of a re-imagined future city where synthetic humans co-exist with their human creators in a broken society. In this schizoid cityscape, ancient ideas influence the troubled soul of a conflicted artificial person, guiding him on his search for personal identity. The existence of higher powers, both benign and corrupted, are outside of his knowledge and control, and these forces have, by turns, both devastating and liberating effects.

This is a philosophical cyber-noir fiction novel with a textured film-like style, exploring the inner life of an artificial life-form. As a character-driven existential journey it has internalised conflicts and multiple points of view. Whilst being introspective, it is also an immersive and entertaining experience.

The story has an edge over its would-be competitors because it's founded on personal experience. During a two month period living in a salubrious district of Hong Kong, I concentrated on documenting all aspects of the life I saw there using an film camera. Some of these images, seen under PHOTO in the menu above, formed the original inspiration.

The characters in the story however began with a self-published, futuristic Science Fiction novel set in The USA, entitled OMNICHROME. Somewhere within its pages one of the characters, EZEE, describes his personal journey and his origins. I decided to write a whole novel just about him, a prequel, and now there are two more of these outlined and in the pipeline. ALONE AMONG EQUALS is therefore the first in a series of four and is at a final draft stage,