Brett Walpole


This website consolidates and unifies my creative life to date as a way to provide a foundation for development. These pages are a way of collecting together in one place a summary of past, current  and future writing and photography projects.  Some are fully complete, most are works in progress.  

In total, twenty-nine projects are represented, covering the time period 1991-2020. Six self-published paperback books, created through Amazon Kindle Direct, are available to buy. The non-fiction book "Films, Visions and Dreams" is no longer in print but can be read as the eBook "Visions in Film" by clicking here.

My photography has always had a documentary bias and my current goal is to create a more structured photo-story style. I aim to create images conveying a greater meaning than the aesthetic they must also display.  Pre-imagining photos and applying an improvised technique to their creation is a way to develop this work-flow in order to address future areas with improved results. Photography is a touchstone and a way of exploring and enjoying life.

In terms of work time, I am increasingly a Creative Writer, developing techniques to adapt my novels for the screen, and learning new methods of generating ideas. Stories based on evolving concepts and characters have helped to find my voice. Narrative philosophies have become key to successfully begin, continue and complete the exciting and intense phase of writing first drafts. Re-Writing for publication is challenge I have yet to fully embrace.

The search for representation with a Literary Agent as a Novelist and Screenwriter is an ongoing mission.