“Home is neither here nor there. Home is within you, or home is nowhere at all.”

Hermann Hesse - Wandering

This is a creative space, a virtual studio for past projects, candidates for reinvention, works in progress and ideas for the future. Built over time with content which was once in great flux, it's a home for that which has now acquired some degree of permanence. It exists as an evolving meeting place, somewhere for guests to visit, a place to look around and suggest a new conversation.

I hope you enjoy the characters which populate its stories and images. Whilst being both work and play, commerce and art, philosophy and design, primarily this is communication. Without communication there's no understanding, without understanding there's no peace, and without peace there's no progress. To reach out, to give expression to thought, is to create patterns where otherwise there would be only static noise.

The stories of ideas are key for me to begin, continue and complete the phases of writing. I write in long-hand and then type up my work for editing, finding this process more natural and ultimately faster than creating a source text at the keyboard. It's a long and forever changing journey of discovery, based on concepts which seem to be in flux themselves, but I feel strongly that these journies are always worth making, especially when you find your home within.

Kia Ora.  

Brett Walpole.  January 2021