Brett Walpole

Vancouver film school


This short documentary about the city’s major suspension bridge was a Vancouver Film School project on which I was the cameraman. Using a Video8 camera the quality is not the best but it was a good lesson in what can be achieved with the right idea, people and story, regardless of limitations in format. (8 & 1/2 mins)

Tall Order, Small Change

This film was made whilst studying at The Vancouver Film School in 1995. Shot on 16mm film with sound recorded on a Nagra the short 10 minute fiction piece was edited on a Steinbeck and was first shown with an analogue projector at The Pacific Cinemateque in downtown Vancouver.  Conceived as a kind of Canadian coming of age or rite of passage story the film evolved intentionally into a comedy with some substance. Alternatively it can be viewed as simply a drama about a hat!  I wrote and directed, with a crew of ten peers who doubled up on roles in pre and post production. The older man, Gary Jones, is an accomplished actor who went on to play a regular part in 108 episodes of the tv sci-fi series “Stargate SG-1”.  (9 mins)


This is another Vancouver Film School produced student film. There was a crew of ten or so who doubled up jobs in pre and post production. I was the Location Scout and Manager which was a lot of fun. Also I was the Key Grip and Gaffer which was a lot of hard physical work for the week's shoot. The story itself was sort of tongue in cheek and as a crew we had a lot of laughs as the actors tried to play it straight. I guess you could call it science fiction. I am also an extra, an 'alien' holding a red light and my forearms are in there too as a stand in for the lead actor who was, I felt, a great actor in a difficult situation.  (8 & 1/2 mins)