University For The Creative Arts

Push Me Pull You

This is a University for The Creative Arts assessment piece. One of the reasons I like it is that it had to be produced in a very short time and I had to arrange it all as the individual Producer, I wrote it, Directed it and arranged for the entire contingent of my MA Filmmaking degree to be involved in the shoot.  Perhaps most vital was finding and working with the actress, an acting student at the University. After a shaky start she reacted very positively to subtle direction and we took this final take after only five earlier ones. The Grip work and Cinematography I also planned, and this was then carried out by the total crew of about ten.  

The finished shot which is 'just' a 'simple' track-in on a dolly and track has a few soft spots in the follow focus, it really isn't as easy as one might imagine.  For the professionals this is all bread and butter stuff. Regretfully I no longer have the names of those involved at the time to credit, but I made sure that everyone had a copy of all takes for the parts they played.  (2 mins)