Super 8

These are ten or so reels of Super8 film shot between 1991 and 1995. They have been transferred to DVD then converted to MP4. They are in a raw, unedited state and show the total Super 8 'Experience'. They are not in chronological order, each part is about 15mins in length and they cover these events.

Part I

  • Porsche 911. Boat trip British Columbia, Canada. Mike, Glen & I*
  • Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh. Olly
  • Notting Hill Carnival
  • Vancouver to Prince Rupert. Charles & I, Canada's West Coast
  • Lake District. Maggie

Part II

  • Train to The Lakes
  • Farnham Time Lapse Sky and Clouds.
  • London Freaky Deaky DJs. Charles, Mat, Saul, Chris & I
  • Bungy Jump. Northern France. Charles & I
  • Porsche 911 & Speedboat. Vancouver, Charles, Mike and I*
  • Hippy Guitar Lessons with Jonny Galley

*These stories are referenced in the screenplay "Reel to Real"