Pilot Of Dreams

Brad Walker is intensely involved with making his dream come true, although he's not quite sure what it is yet.  Once formed he must believe in this dream so that it can become true and he can fly to the heights he feels so capable of. Attending one of the most presitgious universities in the country has many advantages but it comes with many pressures too. There's a life decision to make whilst he's here but Brad's belief in the power to dream may out of control so as to make this decision impossible.  

Ironically it's only the reality of truly flying that can harness these dreams, and bring him down to Earth. Reshaping his goals on the wing becomes a way to find the truth, and to achieve success on his own terms.

These anecdotes are the author's memoirs aiming to be a fair description of some incredible times and a portrait of the wonderful people he met whilst studying Philosophy at The University of Cambridge in Selwyn College in the early 1990's.

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