Bubble Vision

Living a life working in television is not quite what Dan had imagined. Living in London with his two best friends is also more than he bargained for. The quality of the reality of his world is becoming as fragile and thin as the surface of a soap bubble. In this zone where love, sex, friendship and work seem to exist in a precarious balance the way forward is not clear. 

If this bubble bursts what will be on the other side of the film? Is the bravest course of action to burst your own bubble from the inside before someone else does it for you? More worryingly, does everyone in Dan’s life live in their own bubble reality? What does this mean for Dan’s career and indeed his sanity? Maybe only his friends can help him now.

Ensconced in the blissful televisual bubble that is both fantasy and work, Dan’s London state of mind is expanding. The  boundaries of his media-defined life are growing with an ambition too far ahead of any reality. Whether he can save ‘the girl in the retro headphones’ from herself is a another question he has to answer, as finally they both spiral through a very real and nightmarish episode. This raw and rude awakening takes place outside the confines of their unreal ‘bubble lives’ and threatens to destroy their TV dream.

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