Using Science Fiction as a way of exploring ideas within a framework of a story can have a fantastical element yet also be born from a genuine interest in current scientific research and development. The way the human spirit can adapt and grow in such stories brings into focus the challenges facing humanity in our very real lives today.

Contemporary Literary Fiction showing regular people moving through changing times is a more natural way to reimagine life's defining moments.  Fusing  actual experiences and situations with invented characters creates heightened environments where ideas emerging from personal times find room for expansion.

The three novels shown in this section and the one non-fiction have been self-published as paperbacks through Amazon Kindle Direct and are available to buy, following the link on the appropriate page. This type of self-publishing completes part of a personal journey I began some time ago and I'm ready to move forward from it. These exploratory books taught me a great deal about the challenges of producing commercially viable fiction, and the problems of marketing such work to a significant audience. Also the eagerness to publish can be detrimental to quality when finishing a work to the highest standard it desrves.

Two friends, who are published novelists, assessed early drafts of my most recent writing challenge, a novel called ALONE AMONG EQUALS, which has its own section under NEW. The feedback and input of others is helping me to elevate this new writing and I have concentrated on structural revisions, the removal of excess material and the addition of necessary material which was missing. It's easy to assume certain things have been covered, which are quite often crucial to the understanding of the whole book, when in fact they still only exist in your mind.

It has not yet been professionally edited or proofed but I am hoping to launch it as serious debut novel this year and find a way to give it, and myself, a chance in a very competitive, saturated marketplace. Hardback, Paperback. Audio Book, Ebook, these are formats which for me represent consumer choices as well as choices for the author of how best to present the work. There is much to research and much to learn in order to achieve success, however one measures such a thing. Certainly financial success is a good marker in this or any business!